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1305 South Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach 90277, California, Los Angeles County, United States

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1305 South Pacific Coast Highway, Redondo Beach 90277, California, Los Angeles County, United States
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2015 Texas Population Estimate Program Museum District vte. . . In contrast to the cities unincorporated rural settlements known as colonias often lack basic infrastructure and are marked by poverty the office of the Texas Attorney General stated in 2011 that Texas had about 2,294 colonias and estimates about 500,000 lived in the colonias Hidalgo County as of 2011 has the largest number of colonias. Texas has the largest number of people of all states living in colonias, District Name Party First Elected Area(s) of Harris County Represented. (17.6) 70.9 Mexico's attacks on Texas intensified the conflict between the political factions in an incident known as the Texas Archive War in 1842 to "protect" the Texas national archives President Sam Houston ordered them out of Austin Austin residents suspicious of the president's motives because of his avowed disdain of the capital forced the archives back to Austin at gunpoint the Texas Congress admonished Houston for the incident and the incident would solidify Austin as Texas's seat of government for the Republic and the future state. Senate Class 2 John Cornyn Republican 2002 Senior Senator In 1840 the town was divided into four wards using Main and Commerce streets as axes the city added the Fifth Ward in 1866 and the Sixth Ward in 1877 the wards are no longer political divisions but their names are still used. Digging for a proposed Port of Houston began when Congress approved a move to dig out the Buffalo Bayou on January 9 1842 Funding was awarded which amounted to $2000 Houstonians had mixed opinions over the apparent statehood of their country.[citation needed]; (25.1) 76.6 In Europe Germany and Italy were becoming more aggressive in March 1938 Germany annexed Austria again provoking little response from other European powers. Encouraged Hitler began pressing German claims on the Sudetenland an area of Czechoslovakia with a predominantly ethnic German population Soon the United Kingdom and France followed the counsel of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and conceded this territory to Germany in the Munich Agreement which was made against the wishes of the Czechoslovak government in exchange for a promise of no further territorial demands. Soon afterwards Germany and Italy forced Czechoslovakia to cede additional territory to Hungary and Poland annexed Czechoslovakia's Zaolzie region, 14 Notes Throughout its history the Astrodome was known as a pitcher's park the power alleys were never shorter than 370 feet (113 m) from the plate; on at least two occasions they were as far as 390 feet (119 m) Over time it gave up fewer home runs than any other park in the National League the Astrodome's reputation as a pitcher's park continued even in the mid-1980s when the fences were moved in closer than the Metrodome which was long reckoned as a hitter's park, Arts Kegans Unit located in Downtown Houston is a state jail for men it is in the north of downtown along the north side of the Buffalo Bayou next to the county facilities. Racial composition 2010 2000 1990 1970 Airports Main article: Climate of Texas In 2017 the United Healthcare Foundation ranked Texas as the 34th healthiest state in the United States. Obesity excessive drinking maternal mortality infant mortality and vaccinations are among the major public health issues facing Texas.

Main article: Religion in Houston In the 2000s the Baylor College of Medicine was annually considered within the top ten medical schools in the nation; likewise the MD Anderson Cancer Center had been consistently ranked as one of the top two U.S hospitals specializing in cancer care by U.S News & World Report since 1990 the Menninger Clinic a psychiatric treatment center is affiliated with Baylor College of Medicine and the Houston Methodist Hospital System. With hospital locations nationwide and headquarters in Houston the Triumph Healthcare hospital system was the third largest long term acute care provider nationally in 2005, Tall steel five-sided tower with strong vertical lines broken by rows of horizontal bands on two sides. ! . A graph showing the major sectors of the Houston economy, Main article: Spanish Civil War Toledo Bend Reservoir on the Louisiana and Texas border! The Railroad Commission of Texas contrary to its name regulates the state's oil and gas industry gas utilities pipeline safety safety in the liquefied petroleum gas industry and surface coal and uranium mining Until the 1970s the commission controlled the price of petroleum because of its ability to regulate Texas's oil reserves the founders of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) used the Texas agency as one of their models for petroleum price control. Top 10 Non-English languages spoken in Texas Sandy Duncan Henderson Rusk County and Tyler Smith County The Astrodome was designed by architects Hermon Lloyd & W B Morgan and Wilson Morris Crain and Anderson (Morris Architects) Structural engineering and structural design was performed by Walter P Moore Engineers and Consultants of Houston Credit for the design work on the dome roof structural goes to Dr G.R Kiewitt and Mr Louis O Bass of Roof Structures Inc it was constructed by H A Lott Inc for Harris County it stands 18 stories tall covering 9.5 acres (3.8 ha) the dome is 710 feet (220 m) in diameter and the ceiling is 208 feet (63 m) above the playing surface which itself sits 25 feet (7.6 m) below street level. . .


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